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Involve Feminity

Model: Jiro-Runa 2014









After continuous inner conflict with a deep sense of guilt for 25 years concerning the desire to try cross-dressing; this man was in his 40s when he decided to accept himself for who he is. He collected ardent trust as an excellent leader of a company, loves sports as a hobby and doesn't miss a muscular workout. On the other side of such manliness, he has very feminine sensitivity.


He rents a 1 bedroom apartment which he has never brought anyone to. There is a brown curtain at the entrance of the bedroom; on the other side is a pink world. The entire interior is designed and customized by hand. He prepared all materials and colors, and in the fine detailed work of the clothes which he adjusted to his own size, the sensitivity is obvious, and you could say more feminine than a woman.


In the same way as his surfing and car customization, he began to think it might be possible that it was one of the things that he could be proud of, which he devoted himself to. 


It seems that in general people feel sick that cross-dressing is strange. However, his way of life looks like an admirable thing to me. Because he faced and accepted his true heart after a long struggle.


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